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Love is unique.

There is no one way of describing it. Love brings happiness but also pain and suffering. Love brings out the bad in everything but only so those bad things can eventually be loved.


i was reading through my journal and i found this one page and it broke me




so my sister had homecoming last weekend and all the guys in her group secretly decided on undercover superhero identities and wore the corresponding colors to match the shirts underneath and revealed them during this picture and it was perfect.


Im sorry but if you dont love this im judging you to hell i want this to happen me so bad omfg

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Will you please take meeee to nirvanaaa~

sam smith <3

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No one knows.

I have a tendency to cry whenever I am alone and locked up in my room. I cry for hours and no one would know. My parents I bet don’t even know what I’ve been going through and what they’ve put me through. They don’t know the reasons why I cry. It could be because of my relationship problems or because of them. My family definitely doesn’t know about what had happen in my past. If they did they’d probably lock me up and put bubble wrap all over me. I don’t know what to do…

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I am trying so hard…

I keep trying to not give up…but it’s killing me slowly. Can’t I just leave and never come back?


Get inspired here

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Too stupid. Too fucking stupid.

YOU are the freaking reason I am alive and YOU are the reason why I don’t want to be alive.

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5 Seconds of Summer&lt;3
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